Our Commitments

Since our inception, HALO Realty has made it part of our mission to give back. We have strategically partnered with charitable, civic, and governmental organizations to help improve the communities we serve. When you are considering who you want to help you with your real estate needs, please remember the following:

Committed to History – Madison TN 2006

Amqui Train Station

In 1980, the Cash’s purchased the Amqui Train Station (circa: 1850) located in Madison, Tennessee. The Amqui Station was disassembled and moved to a site directly adjacent to the House of Cash. June Carter Cash operated an Antique store in the station for several years. In 1990, they closed the store and the House of Cash Museum to the public. In accordance with their wishes, the property was sold after their deaths in 2003 along with the House of Cash. HALO, purchased the property in December 2004 and donated the Amqui Train Station to the Madison Chamber of Commerce and, in the spring of 2006, the Amqui Station was returned to Madison.

Committed to our Communities – Hendersonville 2002

Fire Hall # 6

With the continued growth in Middle Tennessee, Hendersonville found itself in need of a new fire hall to serve the eastern portion of the city. When the city could not locate a suitable site within its budget, city officials approached HALO. After a thorough review of available sites, HALO made a decision to donate a commercial parcel owned by the company on Winston Hills Parkway. Hendersonville fire hall # 6 has responded to hundreds of first responder calls since its opening.

Committed to our Schools – White House TN 2009

White House Elementary

HALO is proud of its donation of approximately 16 acres of land it donated to the Sumner County School Board. This site was put up for sale by its owner and had been earmarked by the Board of Education as a critical site due to the terrain in the area. HALO purchased the site from the owner and then deeded the property to the School Board.

Committed to our Future – Hendersonville 2009

Hendersonville Library

When Sumner County committed to rebuilding its ageing library system, it made a commitment to match funds for a new library in Hendersonville up to $ 3,000,000. The City of Hendersonville matched the county’s commitment but the still left the Library nearly $ 3,000,000 short of the $ 9,000,000 budget needed. The Friends of Art and Literature (FOALS) took on the goal of raising the private sector funds and approached HALO for a possible donation. In keeping with a long track record of community involvement, HALO donated a 5-acre parcel for the new Library. The site was valued by and independent appraiser at $ 1,900,000. Upon acceptance, this became the largest single donation to the project and allowed the project to start ahead of schedule.

Commitment to Kids – Gallatin 2008

When The Forward Sumner Economic Partnership spearheaded an effort for an Airport Improvement project at the Sumner Regional Airport, the they found that an existing county building that was being used for non-aviation related activities restricted funds available through federal grants. In partnership with Forward Sumner and the City of Gallatin, HALO spearheaded and effort to help find a new site for the facility.

HALO found an empty manufacturing facility available for purchase by the county. The purchase was made and the facility was relocated just a mile down Airport Road. The facility is now named the Larry Riggsbee School Support Services Facility. HALO donated 100% of the commission that it received from the sale of the facility to COMPASS (Community Outreach Making Partners at Sumner Schools. This donation resulted in the single largest donation that Compass had ever received.

Commitment to Growth Sumner County 2007- 2014

Forward Sumner Economic Partnership

HALO is a founding member of Forward Sumner and is the single-largest, private, small business contributor to the partnership. Forward Sumner is comprised of City and County governments along with leading industries and business dedicated to economic growth in Sumner County. In addition to being a founding member, HALO provided office space for the partnership from 2008-2013 at no cost to Forward Sumner.

Other Community Involvement

Sumner County School Board, Middle Tennessee Transit Alliance, PTO’s of numerous schools, Fundraising for schools in excess of $ 500,000, Salvas Center, Help Center, Chamber of Commerce, Churches, Quarterback Club, Bowling Teams, numerous others…